Want that bauble this holiday? How about having your loved one survive?

The most serious thanks and appreciation to @bud_caddell for posting this last night.  A great post by Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon. One of many this holiday season that puts it all in perspective.  It compares the idea of getting a shiny Lexus vs. a loved one.  Ironic since I just launched a project for Lexus and that my Mother recently made it through a medical scare.  So it rings true.  It’s not a long read so please check it out now and share it.

…When your partner is dying, the idea of a shiny new Lexus as a symbol of commitment — to anything other than monthly payments — becomes particularly odious; “diamonds are forever” takes on depressing new meaning (because life isn’t forever). No, love isn’t “a car in the driveway with a big bow on top.” It’s pushing a wheelchair. It’s cutting off all of your lover’s hair as it begins to fall out in large clumps during chemo, and massaging that patchy head to give her one of the few physical pleasures left to her. It’s laughing while browsing a wig shop where the only other customer is a transvestite prostitute. It’s relearning how to cook after three decades of marriage. It’s giving shots through a layer of belly fat. It’s sitting side-by-side in a hospital bed watching TV…

Read more at Salon

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