I contributed in an article today on Digiday, ‘I’m just wired differently’: Why advertising seems to have so many people with dyslexia by Tanya Dua. About the benefits, and struggles, of being neuro-diverse. I was diagnosed later in life. It was not until I was in my mid-30s that I discovered what I already new, I was on the Spectrum. The topic is not discussed enough and I thank Digiday for covering it and intereviewing not just myself but others who have dealt with this both gift and obstacle.

It’s not a surprise then that despite struggling with these disabilities in their childhood, people in the industry now view their dyslexia or autism as a valuable asset. “I look at my autism as my superpower,” “Maybe we are the future in terms of evolution and the neurotypicals are the past, kind of like ‘X-Men.’”

Alexander Rea, Digiday article on being neuro-diverse
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