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When I was a kid in school, I was the nerd straight out of central casting. The computer nerd, sci-fi comic book nerd, school band nerd, and an art nerd. The kid that was “good with computers.” You know the type and might be one yourself. This is my blog. Continue reading.

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VR: Why marketers need to look beyond the headset

Shared experiences can leverage the best the technology has to offer, writes the head of creative technology at Framestore When people think of virtual reality, a specific image comes to mind, a piece of black, unwelcoming, plastic hardware strapped to your face. That image has been ingrained in our minds for decades, going back as early as the first View-Master in 1939, to the short-lived Virtuality boom of the 1990s, to today’s assortment of both high and low-end headsets. It’s propelled the misconception that VR is a singular, isolating experience.

McCann New York and Framestore’s Field Trip to Mars wins 19 Cannes Lions + Titanium Shortlist

Last week was an amazing moment for the project I worked on at Framestore for McCann New York – Lockheed Martin's STEM education platform Generation Beyond's, group VR experience, Field Trip to Mars. Field Trip to Mars won 19 Lions across 11 categories at the 2016 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. 1 Innovation Lion, 5 Gold Lions, 8 Silver Lions and 5 Bronze Lions. It was also nominated for a Titanium Lion amongst only 22 out of 43,101 entries across all categories from around the world.

Star Wars Force Friday Augments Reality

Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian
For those that may somehow be oblivious to the Star Wars marketing blitz happening around them, today is #ForceFriday. A great opportunity to spend money on a variety of Star Wars licensing products. Don't worry, you'll be able to find these products for years and years to come and you absolutely do not have to purchase anything today.

Eagle Downs Nerd

Posted on Mashable on August 12th, this video captures when one of Mother Nature's awesome airborne creations meets one of nerdkinds questionable creations. Yes, this is hilarity (nature 1 / man 0) but if this was a bald or golden eagle, and it died because you're an idiot, and you got caught because you are posted this on the web, you are in trouble.