Eagle Downs Nerd

Posted on Mashable on August 12th, this video captures when one of Mother Nature’s awesome airborne creations meets one of nerdkinds questionable creations. Yes, this is hilarity (nature 1 / man 0) but if this was a bald or golden eagle, and it died because you’re an idiot, and you got caught because you are posted this on the web, you are in trouble.


Inside New York City History – The Gimbels Traverse

Photo by Alexander Rea. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

I’m a fan NYC history and recently I had the chance to go inside it. Look west on 32nd street from most points in Manhattan and you’ll notice an art deco bridge (traverse) spanning the gap between two buildings. Once upon a time, the building on it’s north side was Gimbels, one of the famous… Read more »


TV Show Intros Were Once Great Works of Art

What happened to the great TV show intros of yesteryear? Sure, it cut down on the actual show runtime but damnit if they weren’t cool. Nowadays you’re lucky if someone puts in the effort. You’re must likely going to get an intro scene then a quick title card like Breaking Bad. My favorite modern show… Read more »