Are QR Codes and NFC Tags Getting Their Second Wind?

Apple has been noticeably late to the contactless game. They first made moves into the space a few years ago with the launch of their mobile payment platform ApplePay, but with the recent launch of iOS11, we’re seeing Apple embrace two older contactless elements worth getting excited about again: QR codes and NFC tags.

Why Creatives Shouldn’t Worry About AI

Creativity is powered by emotion, not logic. We’re always looking for shortcuts but we should not think that artificial intelligence, or machine learning as it is really, will make better creative output – regardless of whether or not that output is in the form of visual or audio content, a painting on a wall or shoe on a shelf.

Bots – Empathy Not Included

As an aficionado of marketing jargon, I have added ‘chatbot’ to my list of commonly used words – which also includes synergy, stakeholder, and ‘ladder up.’ Some question the staying power of ‘chatbots,’ claiming it will go the way of words like ‘beacons’ or ‘hyperlocal.’ On the other hand, we never seem to hear the end of the idea that chatbots are the future of artificial intelligence and will herald a new dawn for brands.

I’m just wired differently

“I look at my autism as my superpower,” I said this Digiday article on neuro-diversity. “Maybe we are the future in terms of evolution and the neurotypicals are the past, kind of like ‘X-Men.’”

McCann New York and Framestore win big at the LIAs

LIA (formerly known as London International Advertising Awards) is a worldwide Award annually honouring legends, pioneers, and embodiments of excellence in Advertising, Digital, Production, Design, Music & Sound and Technology. Field Trip to Mars continues to have a strong year. Winning 19 London International Awards along with the agency, McCann New York, LIA Agency of the Year. Framestore also won Production Company of the Year.