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Re-invent how shoppers connect with CVS

Life Prescription is an ecosystem that allows CVS to be there and everywhere. Its features include:

Two-way communication between the CVS and shoppers

Personalized recommendations for pharmacy products from fitness tracker integration and contextual cues

Drug interaction warnings

Wellness goal setting, monitoring, and incentives from the store

As part of the 2015 Future of Retail report, PSFK invited creative agencies from around the world to bring our trends to life for some of the most innovative brands in retail. The team over at Co:collective took inspiration from PSFK recommendations Be There and Everywhere, Be The Hub, Power To the People, and Everyone-of-a-Kind to re-invent how shoppers connect with their local CVS pharmacies.

Last winter, CVS took a bold stance when they decided to stop selling cigarettes. This move was projected to cost the company roughly $2 billion. A CVS spokesperson stated “cigarettes and tobacco products have no place in a setting where health care is delivered.” Going beyond saying they care about health and truly focusing on health is an action co:collective calls StoryDoing© and moved them to imagine how else CVS could continue their mission. In incorporating the trends, co:collective also shifted CVS’ focus to predictive and preventative care as opposed to a reactionary and reparative approach. Their two concepts – Life Prescription and Care Center – tie in numerous trends improving the lives those seeking healthier lifestyles.

Imagine for just one moment, we’re in text-book Americana, a pregnant mother enters a CVS looking for an over-the-counter product. iPhone in hand, she wants to purchase a product but learns that she can’t use it because the app knows her medical situation. It knows the product she wants, pings a CVS database and provides her with valuable information that advises her against it. Call it hyper-local or micro-targeted or simply, the future of better digital experiences.

Alexander at PSFK Future of Retail event in New York CitY