Shell Fortnite Island

Game Engine, Platform

Gaming is the new social

Ever since Travis Scott premiered his concert in Fortnite in April 2020, brands have been trying to find the best ways to engage with the huge audience because gaming is the new social.


Mediacom (now EssenceMediacom) brought me back after working on the award-winning Pokémon & Post Malone video, to work closely with the CCO, Benjamin Vendramin and the client on how to best leverage the unique qualities of the game, manage the client and resonate with gamers.

There are over 223M active players every month in Fortnite (Source: ActivePlayer) and Shell wanted to reach this new audience. This was their first step into gaming and we needed to create an experience that felt genuine.


We brought on six famous Fortnite island creators to create six unique areas (aka “biomes”) that surrounded a Shell gas station. Each player would go through each biome, take pictures of their road-trip and post on social media. We partnered with a sweepstakes company to award prizes including gas gift cards.

Interviews with the famous island creators

Additional Comps

I love swag and will always comp up some opportunities to reward brand loyalists and who doesn’t love some OOH?. None of these were chosen.