Agency: Callen

Client: Liquid Death

Production: Standard Transmission Productions + Supply chains in China

From the warped brain of Callen & Liquid Death come Cutie Polluties!  Plush toys that warn us about the dangers of single use plastic.  There’s Wastey The  Whale with an exploding gut, Trashy The Turtle with single-use straws stuffed in each nostril or Suffers the Seal with a protruding water bottle.

Christian Colasuonno was brought in to work with the agency Callen to bring the Cuties to life.  Starting with the plush themselves, tapping into the artists and prop and scenic artists at Standard Transmission Productions in Redhook Brooklyn. A great group in Brooklyn that specializes in handcrafted experiences you’ve seen in Macy’s windows and parades.  In two short weeks we had proper prototypes, hand made dolls - with 100% biodegradable materials ready for the world to see. Christian brought me into consult on producing them at scale. Using my toy manufacturing contacts in China I was able to produce a short run that was sold on Liquid Death's website. Pro tip, don't try to manufacture something in China during the peak period of the global Covid-19 pandemic when you suppliers are all in a country that is on lock-down and the global supply chain is interrupted.

"This is the most horrific thing I've ever seen and I love it so much"

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Liquid Death, the Santa Monica-based canned water startup founded by former agency creative Mike Cessario, today introduced its “Cutie Polluties” line of gruesome plushies adorned with the kind of human garbage that finds its way into our oceans. There’s Trashy the Turtle, who has plastic straws up both nostrils; Wastey the Whale, who appears to be impaled by an assortment of single-use plastic bottles and Suffers the Seal, on the verge of being strangled by a shopping bag.


"Liquid Death's morbid plushies show you the effect of plastic pollution on ocean life" - AdAge


I asked him to make something fairly impossible and gave him no room for compromise. He and his team figured out a way to do that.


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He can be a real asset when amazing but complicated things need to get done.

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Alexander had an impressive ability to explain complex ideas and functionality clearly & calmly.


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