New Outdoor Ad Servering

Advertising, Concept, Mobile, Platform, Rapid Prototyping, Retail, Skunkworks

Proof of Concept

In the past decade, out-of-home advertising has some of the lowest CPMs in the industry. Lack of reliable data of it’s effectiveness has created a perception of an ROI gap. IPG Media Lab believed that out-of-home was undervalued so we built a prototype to test a concept by which passerby’s would be tagged which would allow media to be served up programmatically based on their behaviors. We partnered with CEMUSA, the company that owns the bus shelters in New York City, and placed our prototype rig in one of their bus shelters for a trial period.

Rapid Prototyping

We partnered with Nomi, a software company that provides a web-app to monitor their own proprietary ROM-flashed software used on OM2P open-mesh access points. We started by creating a test unit (watch the video above) using parts from Radio Shack such as a 12v battery and a Wi-Fi router which enabled us to connect to a 4G hotspot and also the open-mesh router via Cat5. Once we completed the test we proceeded to a larger scale test unit using a Meraki Z1 router that would work with a 4G USB modem. The bus shelter provided the power and our rig did the rest. We used Nomi’s software to track footfall and then Meraki’s cloud management to monitor bandwidth and performance.