Verizon 5G

Branding Identity, Concept, Experiential, Interactive Design, Skunkworks

5G Built Right

MWC Los Angeles 2019 is one of the newest and fastest growing events in the U.S. that brings together leading companies and influential experts from all sectors within the mobile technology industry to advance Intelligent Connectivity – a fusion of 5G, IoT, AI and Big Data. Civic Entertainment Group brought me in to brainstorm on a fresh approach to the traditional B2B trade show.

Rethinking Lead Gen

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of a sales B2B show. How you identify your next potential customer usually relies on business cards and traditional methods. Verizon demos multiple 3rd party technologies at MWC and how they fit into their five-step path to 5G. Identifying someone’s interest in one of these technologies can benefit the 3rd part company as well as Verizon. I elevated the typical name badge common at trade shows to include a method were a guest could show interest in a technology in a low-touch way.

Modern Demo Station

Demos kiosks at trade shows like MWC are usually a horizontal 16:9 consumer-grade TV. The content often times is produced by the 3rd party and is not in sync with Verizon’s strict brand guidelines. What if there was something different? A standardized station that could be branded and designed to scale. Where a 3rd party would provide assets that conform to the defined digital standards and work with a standard set of controls. Creating a standardized demo experience.

Journey through the five steps of 5G transformation with a standardized experience

B2B doesn’t need to be Boring-2-Boring

Business-to-business trade shows are typically boring. Suits talking to suits. The booths a formulaic. Picked from a catalog and wrapped with generic imaging. What if the booth was more engaging and dynamic. Think more E3 or CES. Entertaining. By using large video-walls comprised of LED panels and engaging imagery, Verizon would stand out amongst the crowd.

Alternate wall designs

Early sketch of an alternate wall design that would create an eye-catching experience unique on the trade show floor.