Automotive, Game Engine, Virtual Reality

Virtual car tour

To debut a car that you couldn’t see in person, Nissan worked with Critical Mass to create a virtual car tour for the Meta Oculus Quest2 VR headset using Unreal Engine with CAD files of the car to create a unique world that translates the interior of the car to a living room experience.


Critical Mass brought me on initially to work on this project before I took the role as SVP, Global Director of Creative & Technology.

Because of the global supply shortage caused by COVID-19, Nissan was unable to bring their new EV, the Nissan ARIYA, into showrooms. To help generate awareness, and in turn, pre-orders, we developed a virtual walkthrough in VR using Unreal Engine.

Using the unique details of the vehicle as our design inspiration, we crafted an experience where we transport you to the inside of the vehicle that is designed to resemble a living room in your home.

I had the opportunity to work with Director Jason Zada again along with Mssng Peces. I previously worked with Jason Zada on the award-winning Pokémon & Post Malone music video, also done in Unreal Engine.